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Infinite Fort Terrain

Infinite Fort - Table Top Loot Starter Pack

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Infinite Fort is a New Zealand owned brand. Made In New Zealand.

Infinite Fort - Table Top Loot Starter Pack includes 2 x Small Bookcases, 2 x Medium Bookcases, 2 x Open Chests & 2 x Closed Chests 3D printed with PLA+
Due to the 3D printing process items are unprepared.


Small Bookcase:
Height - Aprox 30mm
Width - Aprox 25mm

Medium Bookcase:
Height - Aprox 40mm
Width - Aprox 25mm

Closed Chest:
Height - Aprox 10mm
Width - Aprox 20mm

Open Chest:
Height - Aprox 18mm
Width - Aprox 20mm

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